Your life story is worth remembering. Your beautiful voice will be so craved.

Give the gift of forever with a life story audio recording.


Your spoken memories.
Their cherished treasure.

While it’s not always easy to think about, many of us are faced with our own mortality, or that of a parent or grandparent, long before we ever feel ready.

In the past, parents and grandparents’ stories were often lost to the next generation. And our children and loved ones were only left with a glimpse of the memories of our past.

But with today’s technology, your memories can be captured forever and passed on to your loved ones as a treasured keepsake.

Being able to pass on your values, achievements, family history or your favourite, funny memories to those who mean the most to you, is the most precious gift you can leave behind.

That’s where SPOKEN MEMORIES comes in. A lot goes into getting your story right and safely secured for future generations. So they can not just remember your stories, but hear your voice when you’re no longer with them. Imagine the connection of looking through family photo albums while listening to your stories in your voice.

Don’t let time catch you out. Create a heartfelt life story audio recording for your loved ones that will last forever.  Keep your story alive!


My story

Hi, I’m Lyndal Harris.

I’ve lost some of the most special people in my life. A service like SPOKEN MEMORIES would’ve been the one thing I’d dearly have loved to have available to me to make the pain of those losses just that little bit easier to go through.

I lost my dad suddenly in 2009 and not a day goes by when I don’t think or remember some of the wonderful stories he was forever telling. He knew all of the rich and fascinating family history going back generations in the family tree. He also led such an interesting life with many a tale to be told. Dad passed away before his grandchildren were born, so it would have been such a wonderful gift to have Dad’s memories and stories for them to have shared.

In 2018, my husband Simon passed away from pancreatic cancer. I would have loved to have recorded his story for our children who were only 8 and 10 at the time. We’d talked about audio recording his life story, but he was too emotional to talk to me about it. We’d booked in a similar written service to capture his story, but in the end, he passed a lot quicker than expected and we missed that opportunity.

Both of these tragic events changed my life forever.

It breaks my heart that my kids don’t know their Dad’s life story. I often think how beautiful it would be to listen to his voice now, to feel the warmth of his hugs around us through the medium of sound.

Running my own business, Podcast VA for the past four years, I’ve produced podcasts for differing businesses with all sorts of stories and messages they want to get across to their clients. I have now created SPOKEN MEMORIES to use that audio experience so that others can have a beautiful memory of their loved ones as well.

How it works

SPOKEN MEMORIES recordings are recorded in the comfort of your own home via Zoom (alternatively they can be conducted in person if preferred).

Recording your SPOKEN MEMORIES might feel overwhelming at first. But I’ll ensure you (or your loved ones) feel completely comfortable with the process.


We’ll start with a call to discuss our services, packages and your wishes.


When you go ahead with one of our packages, we’ll book in a pre-recording interview where we will delve deeper into your Spoken Memories to suit your individual requirements.


We’ll then create a format for our recording and provide that to you. Along with a full explanation of the technical requirements for the actual interview.


Now’s the time to record your Spoken Memories. The beauty of recording audio is that we can edit it so there is no need to be nervous about ensuring it’s perfect during the recording. Plus sometimes the bits in between are the best parts!


We’ll edit your audio file with some of your favourite music and save it onto a USB Drive to send to you.